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The Electrical Engineering program in Xi'an Jiaotong University was started as early as in 1908 and actually was the earliest college Electrical Engineering program in China . After nearly 100 years improvement, it has been developed into the School of Electrical Engineering with a very strong faculty and staff team and advanced facilities, and the most complete discipline system in electrical engineering among all the universities around the nation. During the evolving history of the school, the spiritual heritage of emphasizing in fundamentals, practical applications and strictness of requirements has been all the way passed on, thus leads to the school's nation-wide leading position in terms of education quality and academic research level. Many students graduated from this school later on became outstanding in their careers, with many became world-wide famous scholars and among them 28 have been elected to Academicians of Chinese Academy of Science or Chinese Academy of Engineering.

The school now has four departments and an Educational Lab Center in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The departments are the Department of Electric Machinery and Electric Apparatus, the Department of Industrial Automation, the Department of Electric Power Engineering, and the Department of High Voltage and Electrical Insulation Technology. With these departments the school offers bachelor, Master and Ph.D. programs in many fields, such as Electrical Engineering, Instrument Science and Technology, Material Science and Engineering, and Control Science and Engineering. The programs of Electric Machinery and Electric Apparatus, Electric Power Systems and Automation, and High Voltage and Electrical Insulation Technology are actually listed in the Nation's Key Programs offering post-graduate degrees. The school has a post-doctoral research station too. The State Key Laboratory of Electrical Insulation and Power Equipment and the State Base for Fundamental Engineering Course Education in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Shaanxi Province Engineering Research Center for Intelligent Apparatus and CAD, and MOE (Ministry of Education) Engineering Center of Intelligent Apparatus are also affiliated with this school.

There are 187 faculty and staff members with the Electrical Engineering School including 40 Full Professors and 71 Associate Professors or Senior Engineers. Among them there are an Academician, 2 Changjiang Scholar Professors, 2 awardees of NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China) Projects for Outstanding Young Scientists, a State Distinguished Professor, 8 awardees of MOE Projects for New Century Talents, and 30 professors that are officially qualified for supervising Ph.D. students. The professors with this school currently also hold some very important positions in the national academic organizations, such as President of China Power Supply Society, Vice President of China Electrotechnical Society, and Chair of the National Steering Subcommittee of College Electrical Engineering and Automation Programs. The number of enrolled undergraduate students is 1481 right now and the number of enrolled graduate students is 1446.

The School of Electrical Engineering has made a lot of achievements in the educational aspect. In the recent years, the faculties and staffs with this school have authored more than 24 books and won 6 National Teaching Achievement Awards, 4 National Best Text Book Awards, 24 Provincial Teaching Achievement Awards, 11 Provincial or Ministerial Best Text Book Awards. 4 courses have been awarded the title of State Course of Excellence, and 2 Ph.D. dissertations have been awarded the title of National 100 Best Doctoral Dissertations.

The School of Electrical Engineering also made enormous achievements in the scientific research aspect. In the recent 3 years the faculties with this school have completed 51 state-sponsored research projects and many other research projects. Among these projects there are 15 in the area of Ultra-High Voltage Power Transmission sponsored by National Grid Power Company and Southern Grid Power Company respectively. It is the faculties with this school who drafted 6 standards for the main power equipment in 750kV system, including the code Q/GDW103-2003 and Q/GDW108-2003, which was the world's first set of standards applied to 750kV system in high elevation area. It is also the faculties with this school who drafted the world's first code for tests of equipment applied to 1000kV AC ultra-high voltage power transmission system.

In the recent 3 years the school faculties have received 13 provincial or ministerial awards and 2 national awards for achievements in scientific researches. Based on these researches, in the past 3 years over 1200 technical papers have been published, among which 138 have been included in the Science Citation Index (SCI) and 400 have been included the in Engineering Index (EI). The School has established long-term cooperative relationship with over 60 universities and research institutes from 14 foreign countries such as USA , Japan , Canada , France , Germany , UK , Sweden , Netherlands , Poland , Korea , and Singapore etc. And in the past 3 years the school has organized and hosted 2 international technical conferences which also helped enhancing the school's well-established international reputation.
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